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1. Purpose and Scope

The purpose of this policy is to establish confidentiality, integrity, and confidentiality standards in enabling the interaction of Community Disability Services with prospective clients. This strategy is based on human rights as set out in the Privacy Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Disability Services Act and the Disability Services Standards.
This policy applies to all programs and activities of Community Disability Services.

2. Statement Policy

FM Care Services is committed to ensuring that all clients have the same level of privacy, dignity and confidentiality as the rest of the community.

3. Processes

The following principles should be applied to ensure that FM Care Services fulfills its goal of ensuring that all stakeholders have the same level of privacy, integrity and confidentiality as the rest of the team.

FM Care Services will:
* Just collect client information that can be shown to apply directly to successful service delivery and maintenance obligations.
* Seek written consent from the individual or family before obtaining information from another source.
* Seek written consent of the individual or family before releasing the information to another party.
* Ensure that access is only granted to those Community Disability Employees who need access to the above information.
* Advise the participant and family about the availability of participant personal information stored by FM Care Services.
* Advise the individual and family on their right of access to information held by FM Care Services in respect of the client.
* Ensuring that FM Care Services only maintains personal information about the client as long as it remains relevant to the delivery of appropriate services and FM Care Services for care responsibilities.
* Detect, respond to and record any client concerns about security, integrity or confidentiality very quickly.

4. Performance Standards

* To ensure that the processes, the following operational requirements must be met:
* A copy of FM Care Services Policy that empowers Privacy, Dignity, and Confidentiality is provided to all clients and their families.
* A copy of our Policy on Fm Care Services, Dignity and Privacy Policy is provided to all employees, and a copy of the Policy is kept inside.
* Participants and families were informed why FM Care Services need the information of you
* Participants or families obtain the Information Release forms before the information is collected from other stores.
* Providing Social Disability Services uses a client information system that keeps all personal information in one place for each client.
* Client files are stored in locker cabinets in a non-public office space and files are returned to their proper place as soon as they are no longer needed.
* No exhibition of client names or other personal information on the whiteboard or notice board may be available for viewing by other clients or the general public.
* Photos, video or other identifying images may not be publicly displayed or distributed without the prior written consent of the client or family.
* Participant files are regularly screened to ensure that personal information that is not current, and is likely not valid in the future, is removed from the files.
* Any complaints were dealt with in accordance with the terms of the privacy, dignity and confidentiality set out in this policy and the Consumer Complaints Policy.